Draper Erin Quality

The policy of Draper Erin Ltd is to provide its customers with reliable and cost effective products, which are fit for its intended use and conforms to customer specifications and requirements.

All products in all sections are manufactured in strict compliance to agreed customer specifications to a level, which is equivalent or higher than customer expectations and complies with all

specifications It is our policy to consistently provide our customers with reliability of product quality, on time delivery and at a competitive price, thus maintaining complete customer satisfaction and confidence at all times.

This stated policy is communicated, understood and undertaken by all personnel within the company and involves all employee in Draper Erin Ltd.

Clear quality improvement goals / objectives have been established and ongoing review and initiation of corrective actions are implemented to ensure effective and efficient achievement of these objectives.

This is achieved through the effective implementation EN ISO 9001: 2000 which is the adopted quality system of Draper Erin Ltd. Both customer and EN ISO 9001: 2000 requirements are continually and systematically reviewed for effectiveness and improvement.

Pat O'Hare
Managing Director